Klitta is owned and run by the private foundation “The Seascoutvessel Klitta” based on the principles in The Danish Scout Association and the KFUM-scouts programme. The foundation
has the purpose of giving young scouts the special experience and skills of sailing a wooden vessel the old-fashioned way.

Our vessel was built in 1988 as a replica of a small traditional cargo vessel designed for shipping goods between the Danish islands in the late 19th century. A pickup truck of its time.

Klitta is normally stationed in Aarhus and take scouts on trips for a day, a weekend or a week. In the last 25 years, more than 12.000 scouts have been aboard Klitta.

Usually Klitta cruises in Danish waters, but over the time Klitta has made visits to Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Holland, Germany and Poland. In 2013 Klitta had its first appearance in The Tall Ships Races

Ships data:
Klitta OU4761
Jagt build on Læsø in 1987-1988
Length: 13,4 meters (44 foot)
Width: 4,04 meters
Draught: 1,65 meters
Tonage: 18 BRT
Engine: 6 cyl. Sisudisel 127 hk.
Berths: 14